Naruto the Setting Dawn II

Free Naruto Game

The skill-based action game with character. If you like naruto you should not miss this game. It came out very well.
2D games can be played by many people. It is great if you have a joystick, because we have the skill needed to complete the ultimate skill to display vastly.

Naruto free game

Naruto free game

  • New weapons
  • Elemental system stuff
  • New map
  • New stage
  • Temari and Kakashi + some new attacks for Sasuke
  • Works on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Free Multiplayer Action Game – Soldat !



If you like counter Strike game, you need to get this game for sure.
I can play multiplayer, and a variety of weapons. Does not require a powerful computer. It’s a 2D game, and most importantly it is free.

Commercial Game Guide –  PC

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