Edit a Lots photo by Photo Magician

Many times, the imaging by image editor tools. We are always doing something repeatedly. With lots of pictures (such as resize all images in an album and then adjust the contrast by 60% to 25%), which will take time to do it individually. Many imaging applications. I have a feature called a batch process for this work. Is a lot. This procedure is repeated (Photoshop image editor, it is not).
photo magician
But perhaps (and most), we did not need that hassle. Just want to resize the image. Change the file format (eg PNG to GIF / JPEG) Photo Magician is an answer to my application.

It looks as though it’s Apple’s SIM.

Photo Magician of the “SIM – set” a lot of it can only get – Zoom. And convert format only. But there are so many little features such as easy.

  • A profile / preset. For the size to fit a wide variety of portable devices iPod iPhone PSP DS Zune out.
  • Scan files by folder. Twisting it in a sub-folder and scan. Or that the files are small (less than a few kB or measured in pixels) do not have to jump into it.
  • Overwrite the new files over old files at all.
  • Then email or upload files up the program from my Facebook. (It’s to send email from my program. Not attached to any other mail program).
  • Convert RAW to PNG or PSD with it.

This is real free image editor, lots photo editor (^_^)

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